4th Self-Publishing Conference

On the 7th May this year, I attended my first writing event which was a self-publishing conference held at Leicester university and was hosted by Troubador Publishing. There were various sessions to choose from throughout the day, I attended:

Structuring a children’s book

Writing historical fiction


Book cover design

All of these sessions were really informative and I learned something from each one.

The children’s book talk was about your book having a beginning, middle and an end; which may sound basic but it still needs addressing as people can still forget the basics when they enter a project that is exciting. Plus, you should be able to encapsulate the whole book by using three sentences with each sentence having three words. There must be a central character that has a goal they must achieve and it must get resolved at the end.

An example of how to sum up a book in 3, 3 word sentences.
Wacky Bee – structuring a children’s book


My favorite session was the one about historical fiction. I made pages of notes and found it extremely helpful and informative. There were three authors who led the talk, they spoke about the importance of research and getting your facts correct because if you don’t your readers will find the faults which could end up with you getting a bad review of your book.

Historical Fiction authors – (from left to right)Lucienne Boyce, Helen Hollick, and Griselda Heppel. (I’m at the end) Picture credit Debbie Young. Used with permission.

We then had a lovely lunch then it was onto E-Books. I’m interested in writing an E-Book which is why I chose this session. The actual speaker for this was ill but the Troubador team took the talk instead. Again, it was really informative and well presented.


Finally, book cover designs was about what you should and shouldn’t do when designing your own covers for your book. Make sure that your cover captures what the book is about. Again it was informative.

It was a very productive day and well planned. Everything went smoothly and every speaker was able to teach us what we needed to know and all questions were answered. I bought a book too and made several writer friends. Plus, my Twitter page shot up on ‘followers’ too. Since then, I have tried to post on Twitter everyday and hope to grow my ‘followers.’

It was such an enjoyable day and I will definitely be attending other writing events.


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