Holiday’s are wonderful for writers!

Hello peeps! 😊

I have just returned from a glorious holiday in Weymouth. I was basking in sunshine, eating wonderful fish and chips, and generally just enjoying myself. It’s nice to get away from the mundane of life every now and again, to refresh yourself, and give your body and mind a rest from the usual pressures of life.

The same principle is true of writing. It’s good to recharge our writing batteries and just relax. I have been in a somewhat dry spell in my writing and while I have been submitting work to editors I haven’t had anything accepted, and after time, it’s dejecting and depressing.

Even if you cannot go away for a break, maybe take a few days off from writing to do other things for a while to recharge and rest. Resting alone refreshes the mind and body and helps you to think clearer. It gives space for your brain to think about new plot ideas, new stories, new article ideas, etc.

After getting away for a few days myself, I have returned with renewed energy again for my writing and will be sticking to my plan of sending in at least one pitch a week to editors. This may not seem like much but I do work full-time and still have to live and do other things so writing has to be slotted into my schedule where possible. Plus, I am working on other writing projects too and I can only work on one thing at any given time.

So, as the Summer time is here. Take some time out to rest and refresh yourself. Enjoy the fresh air and sunshine, go for a walk, go shopping, do whatever makes you happy and forget about writing. You’ll be amazed at how many ideas will be bursting out of you when you get back to your writing and your little break will do wonders for you. Enjoy yourself! 😊

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