How discouragement became a blessing!


Hi everybody,

As you may have noticed, I’ve had a brief blog break while I was working on other projects but now I’m back! Hopefully, I should be back to posting once a month again.

I was a bit discouraged with the whole writing and submitting my work to editors/publishers only to be waiting months on end to get either no answer, or a rejection, so I went back to my first love of knitting. I had put it on hold for many years while I was focussing on my writing career, but I decided to go back to it. After all, I’m a creative person and creativity cannot be contained! The result is a knitting pattern book, which can be found on Amazon.

Snowface Minis #2

I have also released several knitting patterns, both for free and to buy on, here is the link to my designer page:

I have designed my own knitting patterns for many years but never really thought of writing them up for others to enjoy, so being discouraged wasn’t such a bad thing after all! It made me realise that I can write up my own patterns and the result is wonderful.

I’m currently working on several individual patterns, my next knitting pattern book, and a couple of Christian non-fiction books too. All of these I will be publishing myself. I do need to find a professional knitting editor. Not sure where to find one but I will ask on Twitter when I’m ready.

Already I have several craft books knocking around in my head, and it’s all thanks to being discouraged! So, if you become discouraged don’t let it beat you, let it drive you to keep pushing forward in the pursuits you are passionate about.

Thanks for reading!

Please feel free to share.

Sarah. 😊

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