6TH Self-Publishing Conference


Danielle Brown MBE, and me!

I recently attended the self-publishing writing conference that is held in Leicester, this is the second time that I had attended this conference. I think it’s important to attend at least one writing event a year to inspire and help me along in my writing career – we can all learn new things, and it’s important to sharpen our tools of the trade and to get some fresh ideas and inspirations from industry experts.

I spoke to several people and made some new friends, including a two-time gold medallist and a writing tutor.

My favourite talks were about marketing and how to be media savvy as everyone is online these days and it’s important to have an online presence – whether we want one or not! This is one thing that publishers are looking for when they are considering our work for publication.

I’m going to go through my notes and devise a plan of action to implement what I heard. One thing I must do is update my content on here regularly!

Here are my three tips for budding writers:

Invest in yourself: Attend writing courses, conferences, workshop’s etc, to improve your own skills and to mix with other writers. Invest in good books about different forms of writing to brush up on your writing skills, plus; they are handy for a reference guide whenever you need advice.

Submit your work: Take part in writing competitions and/or awards to gain experience. Plus, if you make the shortlist, or even win, this will give you a boost and recognition for your hard work, which could be added to your writing cv. By submitting work regularly, you become focussed, they give you something to aim for, and help you work to tight deadlines.

Find ways to improve your skills: Join a writing group (either physically or online), pay for a critique on a piece of your work. These are good for obtaining feedback. Sometimes we become so attached to our work because we are working on it constantly, that we can lose our objectiveness and think that’s it’s great when the reality could be something entirely different.

The main thing is to have fun and enjoy what you are writing,

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,


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