Mid-year check – your writing goals for 2018

We are almost half way through the year so how are those writing plans coming along that you made in January? Are you still on track with what you said you would accomplish this year?

I must admit that my plans are not going as I thought they would. I intended to write three blog posts a month: one about writing, one about aspects of the Christian walk, and one craft one. However, this was an unrealistic goal as I couldn’t achieve it.

Even though I had planned all my blog posts for the year, I still needed time to think about them and write them up. So even though I did have a plan it wasn’t working out for me. This all changed when I attended a writing conference earlier this year when they spoke about the importance of posting something on a regular basis at a regular time, so people will know when to expect a post.

Now I have been posting regularly, every Tuesday afternoon, with a different genre each week. It’s now: one writing, one Christian, then two craft posts. I’m forever making things and have loads of craft ideas which is why I post about craft things twice a month. By doing this, I now have regular followers (thank you for that!) that are growing in numbers, and I have more people reading my posts.

If your plans are not going to plan, then what can you change to make them a reality? It’s not too late to start now, then carry on with them and once the year ends you will see how much work you have done and what you have achieved throughout the year, from this point forward.

Here are a few tips that may help you:

  • Plan your writing time: How much time can you dedicate to your craft? Be realistic about this then stick to it, even if you only have ten minutes a day, use it wisely and write – no matter what. Some people find that setting a timer or some kind alarm helps them to write, they write until it starts beeping then stop. I would find this really distracting, but whatever works for you, do it.

 Plan your writing time beforehand and jot down a few notes to help you know what   you are writing about. This is helpful, so you know exactly what you are writing in   that session. It doesn’t matter if you think that what you have written is no good, it   can be edited later. The main thing is to just write in the first place.

  • Do not procrastinate, just write! Most of us are guilty of this, myself included! Make the most of your time that you have allocated for your writing and don’t waste it by doing something else, such as, checking your social media pages, emails, or anything else that will distract you from writing. For most of us, our writing time is limited so don’t waste it by doing something else.
  • Be specific: When you plan your writing, goals have a clear objective about what you want to achieve, then plan how to make it a reality. What can you do today that will bring you closer to achieving your writing goal? What are your writing goals? Do you want to: see your name in print? Have a book published? Write a novel? Have a letter published in a magazine, newspaper or online? Whatever it is, make a day-to-day plan to make your writing dream a reality; no one else can do it for you.

Persist and do not give up until you have reached your goal – then set yourself another one. Do not be put off by rejection/s, or no response at all, I’ve had many of those and, in fact, this is what I mainly receive, but I keep going as not everyone will say no. So be encouraged! Stay motivated, and if you are determined – you will achieve what you have set out to do.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,



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