Writing in a different genre

When I began my creative writing course with the Writers’ Bureau, I was looking forward to having my first novel published – I didn’t know what it would be about, but it would be something exciting! I’m guessing that a lot of people think something along these lines when they begin the writing career.

After reluctantly beginning with non-fiction I switched to the fiction part. After a few assignments, I got stuck and couldn’t think of anything to write for ages, and before I knew it I had stopped the course and had a bit of a break (19 years, in fact!).

I contacted Student Services and said I would like to start again and there were no problems (now there is a limited number of years to finish the course to prevent anyone from delaying for so long). With new course books and tutor I was off again with new vigour!

I began to have reader’s letters published in various magazines and I received lots of lovely craft prizes worth well over a hundred pounds. I had a couple of articles published in national magazines within quick succession and then I managed to get my first book deal. I also discovered that I preferred non-fiction writing and this is what I continue to write now. Had I not done the course though, I would never had known that I would love to write non-fiction.

How about you? Where do your strengths lie? Have you tried all kinds of writing styles and genre’s?

It can be quite refreshing to write in a different way than usual. Plus, it can add a zing to your work and generate new life into your writing, some things you will enjoy writing about and others you won’t, that’s fine. You may surprise yourself and end up finding a new passion for writing about something you hadn’t considered before. It will force your brain to use different methods to write in a different genre and it may light a fresh passion for your own writing as well as inspire you in new ways.

If you try writing something different and you don’t like it, then move onto something else. I found that I didn’t particularly like travel writing and I didn’t fancy writing a radio play either. I tried them, but they were not for me. However, I did enjoy writing letters and short stories. Give it a go and see what you enjoy writing – you may be surprised!

A great way for trying a new way of writing is to enter some writing competitions. Writing Magazine has free competitions every month and the back pages of the magazine has a section about what editor’s/publishers are looking for now, then you can submit your work to those people. You never know, your work may be accepted.

Unless you try these things you never know what may happen. It’s easy to give up when all you get is a heap of rejections (believe me I know!) but do keep at it, keep your dream alive and don’t let the spark be quenched by rejections.

Writers’ Bureau courses: The Writers Bureau

Writing Magazine: Writing Magazine

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3 thoughts on “Writing in a different genre

  1. Moses Njogu

    I am encouraged by this account because I happen to be in the same predicament of drifting off the Creative Writing Course and I am now planning to bounce back!

    Liked by 1 person

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