Go into all the world…

Evangelism is for everyone

Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Matt: 28:18-20

What comes to mind when you read this Scripture? Maybe that this is talking about preachers and evangelists that have been called by God to go and preach the Gospel. This of course is true, but actually it’s a command to everyone of us who have accepted Jesus as our Lord.

We are all called to preach the Gospel for Jesus – this is the main reason why we have been left on Earth.

I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour because someone told me about Jesus. Yes, God called me to Himself, but someone reached out to me and told me the Gospel message, then I went to a concert and responded to the call to accept Jesus. That was over 19 years ago, and as a church, we still go out into all the world and preach the Gospel. This is how people hear about Jesus and what He has done for them and it gives them an opportunity to accept Jesus into their hearts too. It’s only by doing this that people can make heaven their home. There is no other way.

In the book of Acts, the Apostles went out to tell people about Jesus, they heard the Gospel message, accepted the word in their hearts, then repented of their sin and invited God into their lives. Today, it isn’t any different. These are the last days and time is short, every bible prophesy has been fulfilled and Jesus could come back at any time to take His church home. The more people we can tell about Jesus before then, the better. Not everyone will get saved but at least they have had an opportunity to respond and they will stand before God with no excuse.

So how can we reach the world for Jesus?

Go into all the world…

  • Our church has scheduled outreaches. If your church doesn’t do that then you could either suggest it or take another Christian friend with you. You can start by going into your local town (where there are people from all over the world) and hand out a few flyers, if you don’t have any flyers you could either print some off at home or buy a few from a Christian bookstore. You don’t need many, then hand them out and tell people about your church to invite them out. This can then lead into a conversation about Jesus, where you can share with them how you received Jesus as Lord and gently challenge them to do the same.

What to say

  • If it’s a stranger, then I have covered this in the previous point. If it’s someone that you know, a relative or someone at work, for example, then tell them that you are a Christian if they don’t already know. This gives you an opportunity to tell them about church when they ask you what you did at the weekend. It also gives you a chance to share how you became a Christian, what you were like beforehand, and how Jesus has changed your life.

Sowing the seed

  • It isn’t always about seeing the results, although this is nice! Especially when you pray with someone for salvation, but this may not happen. It’s about sewing the Seed – the Gospel message of hope. This is our part, and God does the rest. It’s Him who calls people unto Himself and brings conviction to their hearts, we present the Gospel and leave it with them.

People are searching and hurting inside, they may not tell you this but without Jesus they are lost and without hope and they ask themselves why they are here. So, as we love people and share things about what God is doing it brings them hope too on the inside. God does the rest.

The parable of the Sower gives us great insight into how the Seed falls, and not everyone will accept Jesus as Lord and because of that they will not make heaven their home. This is not God’s heart or desire but its sin that takes us to hell and without repentance there is no forgiveness Acts 3:19.


Further reading: 1 John 1:9, john 3:16-18, 2 Corinthians 5:17.


Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,


The World

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