The benefits of paying for an editor

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As a traditional and self-published author, I’ve realised how beneficial it is to have my work professionally edited. Some self-publishing has a bad reputation of being filled with errors of grammar, punctuation, and bad spelling. All of these could be avoided if only they would invest in having their work professionally edited. This gives your work much more esteem and you have the confidence knowing that it is error free and that it makes sense!

When I send my work off to be edited I sometimes find out that I’ve been repetitive or that some parts of my work are in the wrong order, and once it’s been corrected the words flow better. It doesn’t matter how long you work at it, going through it word by word to spot these errors, they can still creep in, but you cannot see it because you have familiarised yourself with it too much and you easily overlook them (I’ve done this too).

I’m still learning about writing and publishing, building websites, social media and everything else involved in the writing process and I’m far from being an expert, but one thing is necessary – and that is to pay for editorial services. So how do you find them?

If you don’t already have one, then try a Google search and find someone who has a good reputation or good reviews.

Here are a few ways how you can get yourself a good editor:

The Writers’ Bureau: Has a list of editorial services under their review and appraisal service (link below). They sometimes share discounts on social media, from time to time, plus you know that your work will be edited by a professional who has many years of experience in their field. Maybe you need advice about a writing project that you are working on? This is all covered under this service too. I have used this service and can highly recommend it!

The Writers Bureau

LinkedIn: Is a professional website and it lists many editors on there and you can see what other people are saying about them and see if you want to send your work to one of them. Social media is another forum whereby you can find editors in the search bar.

Writing magazines and websites: will advertise editorial services so this would be another way of finding someone suitable for your needs. You can always find writing tutors who may offer editorial services too. Check their website for more details about them.

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