Are you living a life worthy of Jesus’ sacrifice?

Hi peeps,

Hope that you are all doing well.

Recently, I returned from a bible conference that’s held in London (UK) every year in our fellowship. It’s a time of refreshing, to hear some different preaching from some leaders of our fellowship, a time of refocussing and fellowship with other believers. Plus, we get to see what God is doing all around the world and our hearts are stirred afresh for world evangelism – which is the Great Commission, which I have spoken about before on this blog.

As I was stirred to hear more preaching, I stumbled upon this video that I have linked below from the Prescott conference earlier this year, hence my message today.

It’s a thought-provoking question: Are you living a life worthy of Jesus’ sacrifice?

In the Gospels we read about how Jesus was in agony and sweating blood during his time of great distress before He was about to be arrested. We read that He asked the disciples to stay and watch with Him as He prayed, but what did they do? They slept. And not only once, but every time Jesus came back to them they were asleep and resting but they should have been praying as a time of great anguish was upon them.

This caused them to act rashly, as we read how Peter chopped off a man’s ear when they came to arrest Jesus – something which may not have happened if he had only prayed. Then they all ran off and left Jesus alone. Luke 22:39-53, Mark 14:35-50, Matthew 26:36-56.

  • Let’s think about this and ask ourselves what we do when God asks us to do something. Do we obey? Or do we rattle off a list of excuses why we can’t do it? We are called by God for such a time as this, to go all out for Him. Jesus teaches us to lay our lives down for the Gospels sake and we will reap rewards in heaven.
  • What is your prayer life like? Do you even pray at all? Jesus said to persist in prayer and breakthrough will come Luke 18:1, and the apostle Paul tells us to pray without ceasing 1 Thessalonians 5:17. Do you pray?
  • Jesus tells us to not forsake the gathering of ourselves together Hebrews 10:25, do you attend church when there is something happening? Or do you only attend occasionally? Are you a part-time Christian or someone who will go all out for Jesus?
  • Jesus tells us to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. How often to you tell people about Jesus and let them know how they can make heaven their home, just as you have? Without God, people are lost in their sin and if they were to die they would go to a devil’s hell, which is why we should be telling them about the love of God and how they can have a relationship with Him, to be born-again, and have their name written in the book of life.


Jesus paid dearly for our salvation and we enjoy rich fellowship with God, with other believers, and we know that heaven will be our home. All of this is fantastic but let’s also remember others who do not have this revelation yet. Let’s continue to pray for them, to speak to them, and show them God through the way we live our lives.

This is a not a message of condemnation, but a message of conviction that we should value what we have and strive to help others know the truth too. The devil has blinded their eyes and it’s up to us to show them the light of the Lord Jesus. After all, He died for every one of them – just as He died for us.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊

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