God’s Anointed

Hello peeps!

I hope that you are all doing well. This week’s post was supposed to be about Psalm 23, However God gave me something completely different. I will be doing a mini series about Psalm 23, over the next few Christian blog posts. In the meantime, please enjoy this one. 😊

When Samuel went to Jesse’s home to anoint the future king of Israel, he saw Eliab and thought to himself that this was God’s anointed because of how he looked, but God said that He hadn’t chosen him. In fact, the person that God had chosen wasn’t even considered worthy and nobody had even considered him at all as he was in the field looking after the sheep.

Samuel was only looking at the outward appearance of Eliab, but God said that He had refused him. God is not so concerned with our outer appearance, although this is important, but God considers what is inside of us, our nature; how we deal with people; how we love people, etc. We know from Scripture that David was a man of standing, a man of integrity, and a man after God’s own heart 1 Samuel 13:14 & Acts 13:22. After all, to be king is a great responsibility and God was looking for the right person to be able to lead His people.

God was preparing David for this role while he was a shepherd, by doing his day job faithfully He began to form his character. It gave David physical strength and agility because he fought both the lion and the bear to prevent the sheep from being eaten. God taught David many things while he was a shepherd to prepare him for what lay ahead. David had many temptations and trials during his life but his relationship with God didn’t falter, even when the people were talking about stoning him!

God taught David in the secret place and He does the same thing with us. He challenges us through our work situations and problems, through relationships, through trials and temptations, because He has something else for us to do, but unless we are prepared for it, we will not be able to cope with all that lies ahead.

Sometimes it feels as though we are stuck, we are not progressing as we would like and there are difficulties all around us, but God is teaching us things during these times to prepare us for the future. We don’t always see or understand what is going on in our lives but if we are right with God then we are exactly where He needs us to be.

There are a lot, if not all, people in Scripture where they just appear in the Bible from a certain point in time. For example: God called Abraham to go into a land he did not know, but before this what was Abraham doing? We have no idea, but doubtless to say that God was at work in his life preparing him for what lay ahead. Many, if not all, of the disciples were called by God to follow Him but what were they doing before this point? Even people who are mentioned from birth, these still went through tests and trials and God taught them things along the way. We don’t know everything that happened as we only get a snapshot of their lives but no doubt that God was preparing them for something greater than what they were currently doing.

So be encouraged! God is at work in your life, preparing you for other things that He has planned for you to do. It’s all in the preparation. Maybe God will call you to be a Pastor? An evangelist? A missionary? A youth leader? An intercessor? Whatever it is, God is already preparing you for the role.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊


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