Craft productivity

Hello peeps hope that you are doing well.

How creative are you? How creative would you like to be?

Here’s how you can improve your craft productivity! 😊

For most of us our crafts are our hobby, something we do to unwind and relax (well, that’s the plan anyway 😉). Even so, it can be a good idea to plan your crafting projects then you can become more productive and make more things.

As we approach the end of the year, I’ve been thinking about all the craft things I’ve made. I’ve improved my sewing skills, invested in a brilliant new sewing machine, and bought lots of exciting craft items. I’ve learned new skills and I can say that I’m a better crafter this year than I was last year. How about you?

Even if you are fortunate to have a craft related business, you can still be more productive and make/sell more items if you plan ahead.

Of course, not all plans work out and sometimes life doesn’t behave as it should – things can go wrong. There’s nothing you can do about those types of situations, just put it down to experience and move on. The main thing is to not become discouraged but keep pressing forward.

So, how can we all improve our craft productivity?

What type of craft item are you making?

Think about the kind of project you will be making. Knitting, crochet, jewellery, sewing, baking, painting, etc. Then in your head, or write it down, consider the following points below.

  • What supplies do you need?

Check to see if you have everything you need for this project. Do you have to buy anything? If so, purchase it beforehand so you are ready to start once you have the time.

  • How much time will it take?

I know, a biggie! Things often take longer than planned. I remember earlier in the year when I watched a video about how to make a quilted bag with boxed corners. It took the lady on the video about ten minutes to make hers and she made it seem so effortless! When I tried making mine, it took three hours, lol (mainly because my former sewing machine was rubbish and I had to keep stopping to fix it). So, allowing yourself extra time for your project could be a good idea and could prevent you from getting frustrated and rushing your item, only to find it has errors or it doesn’t look as polished as it should. If you need to, block out a section of the day to give yourself time for you to create and make sure that you are not disturbed.

  • Allow for errors.

Something I know all about! Lol. These happen to all of us, try not to be frustrated. Put your project aside and either take a break, or work on something else.

  • Enjoy what you are making!

It may sound obvious but why make something you’re not enjoying? Crafting is a personal thing that brings us great happiness and rewards so it’s important to make things that you enjoy. I know that sometimes we make things for others that may not be as fun, but mostly you should make things that please you. I know of many crafters who say that crafting is their therapy, as it helps them unwind and helps them to forget about their troubles and stress and relax.

There’s also the social aspect, the fact that many of us have an online platform and share pictures of their projects on social media, for others to comment on and enjoy. Other crafters tend to be supportive and loving so it’s nice when they leave nice comments and like your posts. It gives us a feel-good factor – that we love.

  • Sit back and admire your work.

There’s nothing more satisfying than looking at something you have worked hard on and marvelling at how good it looks! Earlier this year I made a friend a drawstring bag for a special birthday and she loved it, not only that, but her partner commented that he thought I’d bought it from a shop. 😀

Many of these points we do anyway, sometimes without realising it, but if not, this coming year would be a good time to start planning your projects, so you can have a more productive 2019.

Happy crafting!


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