How to stick to your new year weight-loss/fitness goals.

Hello peeps!

Happy 2019!! 😊

I thought that for the first post of the year I would start my new section about nutrition and fitness. People often make some kind of new year resolution, such as, giving up chocolate, quit smoking, eating more healthily and the list goes on. The most common one is to lose weight and/or joining the gym to get fit.

Let’s be clear, new year resolutions often fail because:

  1. People give up after a few weeks,
  2. People give up because they do not have clear goals.
  3. People give up because they do not know what they are doing.

Before you start think clearly about what your goals are. Using the SMART acronym can help you with this. When I was a personal trainer, I used this method with my clients, so we could measure progress and have clear goals to start with, which we were measurable to see if they were on target.

Specific. What is your goal? Let’s use an example as someone wanting to lose one stone (14 pounds) in weight.

Measurable. How can this be measured? Weighing yourself would be a good way to do this, regularly maybe every week, or monthly if you prefer.

Achievable. Can it be done? Yes or no? Losing one stone is achievable if you are committed to the task and are prepared for the work involved to achieve it.

Realistic. Is it realistic? Yes, you can lose weight if you are determined to do so.

Time-related. How long will it take? When do you want to achieve this by? If you wanted to lose a stone in one day, then that would be unrealistic. It could be achievable in a month, but it’s likely to take two months or possibly longer. This depends on the method you use and your own body type. If the weight comes off slowly, then it’s more likely to stay off providing that you maintain your exercise programme and stick to your healthy eating choices.

As a side note – diet’s do not have lasting results. You may well lose weight but when you go back to eating how you did before then the weight comes back on, and in most cases, you put on even more weight than you had originally.

Another thing is that it’s hard work! You must be willing to put in the work else you will probably fail.

The average weight loss is between one to two pounds a week. So, if you lose two pounds a week then you can lose fourteen in just under two months. By the end of February, you could be a stone lighter – if you are prepared to work hard for it.

Another factor is how big you are currently, if you have a lot of weight to lose then it may come off quicker to start with, then come off more slowly as your body responds to your new regime. Do not be discouraged if you do not lose weight some weeks as this is normal, just keep at it and be determined then in the end you will see your reward.

Be specific with your goals, research the best gym to join (if that’s your aim), work out a food strategy so you can plan your meals and shopping list before you start.

All the best with it!

Thanks for reading, feel free to share,

Here’s to a more healthy new year.

Sarah. 😊

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