Psalm 23 – Bible Study (Introduction)

Hi Peeps, I hope that you are all doing well. I’m beginning a bible study about Psalm 23 over the next few Christian blog posts and this week’s lesson is the introduction.  I hope that you enjoy it. 😊

What is a shepherd?

Shepherd’s are people who tend and look after sheep, they protect the flock from predators and those who seek to destroy the sheep. They tend their needs and heal their wounds. Sheep often get injured and cannot tend their own needs, so the shepherd looks after them and soothes their wounds. They sometimes get parasites which the shepherd also treats. The shepherd cares and looks after his sheep and will protect them at all costs because they are his.

When God told Samuel to seek out one of Jessie’s sons to become the next king, David was not even considered worthy as they thought he was just little David who tends the sheep and was of little importance in the large scheme of things. How wrong they were! David learned a lot about shepherding before he took his position as king which helped him in leading the people. He was much loved and popular.

The role of the shepherd

In church, Pastor’s/vicar’s are the shepherds of God’s people and they are there as a gift to the church to protect them from the enemy and his devices. They help us to grow both in the general sense and spiritually. They feed us with the word of God, pray for us, counsel us when we need it, and help us to follow God’s calling and purpose for our lives. They are responsible to God for our lives and it is a big responsibility, which is why no one can fulfil this role unless they have been both called, and equipped, by God.

The Good Shepherd

In John chapter ten, verses 1-30, we read about Jesus being the Good Shepherd. And we are the sheep. The sheep know the Shepherd’s voice because they have a relationship with Him. They will not listen to, or follow, a stranger’s voice because they are not the Shepherd, and anyone who doesn’t enter by the gate/door is a thief and a robber. The thief is Satan who tries to sneak in and steal the sheep, but Jesus tells us that no-one can be snatched from the Father’s hand. I will be looking at this more deeply in a later blog post.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Next time we will study verse one,



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