5 sock knitting tips

Hi Peeps, I hope that you are all fine and dandy. 😊

This week’s craft post is a few sock knitting tips:

  1. Use quality sock yarn. As I mentioned in my previous sock knitting post Sock knitting I have made several pairs of socks over the last few years and although you can make socks with most types of yarn, I do find that sock yarn is the best type to use. It works well particularly if the yarn has a pattern, as this will appear in the correct place. Sock yarn also has the elasticity needed too as it is pliable so you can stretch it over your feet.
  2. Use comfortable needles. I do prefer using bamboo needles for socks as the yarn sticks to it better. Plus, they are lighter and do not hurt your wrists. Metal needles can become heavy and cumbersome after a while and they tend to make my wrists hurt. But do whatever works best for you.
  3. Do a test swatch. I know there are people who skip this step as they think it wastes time, but it actually saves time! Once your swatch is knitted then you can see if your stitches match up to the requirements. Mine are often out, as everyone knits differently, but you just go either up or down a needle size (maybe two) then your socks will turn out as it says on the yarn/pattern guide.
  4. Find a pattern that you enjoy! It’s pointless making something if you don’t enjoy it. I don’t like long socks, so I follow the basic pattern but knit them shorter. There are a huge range of types of socks and sock patterns to choose from so pick one that you will enjoy making.
  5. Brush up on your techniques before you begin. If you are new to sock knitting, then you could practice knitting in the round on some scrap yarn just to get the feel of it. There are numerous videos on You Tube if you get stuck on a particular section, so feel free to pause knitting and watch one just to make sure you are on the right path. I do this all the time. 😊

Last, but not least, have fun!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,



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