Back with a bang!!! Beginner bag making tips

Hi peeps, hope that your all doing well.

The craft blog is back with a bang!!! 😊

I’m back to blogging again and I will be writing more craft blog posts as I haven’t done many this year, so far. This week’s post is all about bag making! You all probably know that I love to make bags so I thought that I would share a few things here.

My regular blog posts will now be every other week, rather than every week. This is so that I can still provide you with quality posts rather than some slap dash, quick posts every week. I will try and keep to posting on a Tuesday, so that you will know when to keep a look out for my posts. Of course, you could always follow the page so that you won’t miss out on any of my future posts. 😊

After many months of planning and research I’ve also set up my online shop on Etsy. There are a few items for sale at present which will grow over the next few weeks as I make things for it. I will be making things for knitters and crocheters predominantly. Once my sewing skills improve, I will be making larger bags of all different kinds to sell using some great fabrics. 😊 Once I progress, I will be offering discount codes for people who follow my blog. Here is a link to my shop:

I’ve learned that you only find out things when you make mistakes and I’ve made several making bags!

Top tips:

  1. Make sure you use a good quality fabric. This probably goes without saying but choosing the right kind of fabric makes all the difference. I’ve made several bags using a cotton fabric which is fine for small bags and pouches, and bags to use around the home.

If you want something to last well, or your making a tote or similar bag, then a better-quality, heavier weight fabric’s, such as, canvas, twill, or upholstery fabrics, would make all the difference as it will be more hard wearing. These fabrics are less likely to form holes, too. Of course, denim is a great choice too! I love my denim bag that I made using jeans that I bought from a charity shop, I just need to finish making it. 😊

  1. Use a good quality thread. Again, this may be obvious, but I’ve used poor quality threads before, and they do not yield a good job. They often break either as your sewing, or once the bag is finished, or after a little while, it may break and unthread itself – which is really frustrating! They can also create a fluff inside your machine which may cause damage. Good quality threads I’ve found are Gutterman and Sulky.
  2. Use proper bag zips. Most, if not all my zips are just ordinary ones, but I have invested in some proper bag zips which have stronger teeth and zip pull. These are ideal for handbags and bags for outdoor use as they are more robust and will last a lot longer than a regular zip.
  3. Don’t sew too close to the edge of the fabric. Again, I’ve done this several times! I’m focussing on sewing in a straight line, not letting the fabric pull under the zipper foot (which it often does!), and not sewing over any pins or my fingers! Then I realise that after focussing on all this I’ve sewn too close to the edge then when I turn it the right way around, I realise I’ve missed some fabric and there’s a hole. ☹ Then I have to unpick and redo it all. Then I find that I cannot clip the corners to reduce bulk because I haven’t left enough space to clip them.

So, top tip: sew using a deep enough seam allowance. You could draw around the fabric so that you sew in a straight line and do not veer off course. In fact, I may do that next time. 😊



If like me, your relatively new to bag making, then Craftsy (now called Blueprint) has a couple of great free videos for you to watch and follow the steps to make your own bags. I’ve included the link here:

If you prefer to make some different bags, then The Sewing Directory has some great free patterns on their website.

So, go ahead and enjoy making your bags! Learn from some of my mistakes and you’ll be one step up. 😊

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,


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