The joy of pattern weights

Hi peeps, hope that you’re all doing well. 😊

This week’s post is all about pattern weights!


What are they?

Pattern weights come in a couple of sizes and are typically sold as a pack of four or six depending on the weight size you choose. They are small weights that are designed to hold down your paper sewing pattern whilst you trace over it with your chosen tracing paper. It helps to hold the patterns together so it doesn’t move around while you trace it so you can copy your pattern exactly be confident that it won’t fall on the floor at any given moment, then you have to find out which part you have been tracing.

They are also used to hold down your fabric while you cut around it. This leads to accurate cutting and your fabric will not be able to move about freely.


I was dubious about paying money to buy a few weights as I just used to use some kind of heavy object to keep my pattern from moving about, but I found this to be cumbersome and the items I chose would be too bulky to manoeuvre around comfortably. Plus, they tended to get in the way while I was cutting.

I decided to buy a set of four pattern weights using a voucher I had for my birthday, and it was money well spent. They have been a joy to use and they are so useful. I now use them all the time and I often wonder how I managed without them! I know there are a lot of craft gadgets, and the like about today, some of which are not necessary, but that is not the case with pattern weights, I found.


Here is a link to where you can buy pattern weights from:

Of course, they can be found on Amazon too. The ones I bought were made by the pattern weight company bought I bought them from Sew Essential.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊


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