How to keep reading the bible fresh

As a Christian who has been saved over twenty years, it can be a push sometimes to read the same words in the bible repeatedly. After all, we know what it says inside and out. So how can we prevent it from becoming mundane and dull?

Fortunately, the word of God is living and powerful and it certainly just isn’t another book. This is why reading it is different from reading the newspaper, or any other kind of book because the bible is spiritual and living.

Because Jesus lives, His word lives because He is the Word! and because He lives, He speaks to us as we read His word. This is the reason why you can read the same passage of Scripture over and over and get something completely different from what you read the last time.

I’m often amazed when I read a passage of scripture and receive different things than when I last read it, even when I read the Gospels, which I’ve probably read more than any other book in the bible. I often think to myself I don’t remember reading that before.

A few points to remember:

  • Pray before you start reading. This is the most important part as the devil wants to blind our eyes from the truth written in God’s word and he will try and prevent us from seeing what God wants to show us.

Pray for wisdom, understanding, fresh revelation about who God is. You’ll be amazed at how the words will jump off the page and you can see all that God intends you to see that time you read.

  • Make time to read. We all lead such busy lives and we constantly have things vying for our attention but it’s important to make time to both pray and read the word of God daily. We will not make it in this world that hates God and is anti-God, if we do not arm ourselves spiritually.

Most people have a mobile phone that can download an app. There are several bible apps out there so you can read the word anywhere. In the car on your lunch break, when you go to the shops, as you wait for the children to come out of school, and so on. There is no excuse that you cannot read the bible if only for a few minutes. If you don’t have a phone with the ability to download apps, you can take a copy of the book with you. There are various pocket-size bibles that you can carry around with you.

  • Obey what God says to you. Not only read the word but do what it says! (James 1:22-25) obey what God is saying to you through that scripture. The word of God is full of wisdom about how to live your life, how to deal and speak to people, how to be a Godly husband/wife, how to raise your children, the list goes on. So, when you read about something then do what it says.

The bible is a practical book, full of people who made mistakes while they were serving God, but we can learn from their failures to help us on our walk with the Lord.

  • What if I don’t understand something? If you’re unsure of what something means, then make a note of it and find out. Either at your local bible study group or ask your vicar/pastor/priest about its meaning. Don’t get to the point where you get stuck and then you don’t read again for ages, either find out the meaning or move on to a different passage and carry on from there.
  • Enjoy learning about God. Enjoy being with the Lord, in His presence, and in His word. Though we don’t feel like it, we are growing spiritually as we read the word, and we grow in the knowledge of God and we find out what pleases Him. We are building ourselves up spiritually so we can go out into the world and face it head on.

Thanks for reading!

Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊

Pic of bible from Pixaby

6 thoughts on “How to keep reading the bible fresh

  1. Hannah Forbes-Smith

    Hi Sarah, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award on my blog. There is no obligation to participate. I am grateful for the value your blog brings to my faith walk! Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you for your lovely comment and for nominating me for this award. 😃😃 I’m pleased that my blog posts help you in your faith. Sorry for the late reply, I was ill over the Christmas and new year period and thought I had already replied to this comment.

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