Your help needed

Hi peeps,

I hope that you’re all doing well.

This is just a quick post to see if anyone would be interested in receiving a newsletter from me maybe once a month? If so, what kinds of things would you like to receive information about?

I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but I don’t want to start writing a newsletter if people are either not interested, or they sign up for it then don’t read it. So instead, I thought I would ask here first before deciding what to do.

If you would like to receive a newsletter, which would you prefer? Would you like a craft related newsletter, or a Christian themed newsletter, or perhaps both?

The craft newsletter would be about my latest craft projects, maybe a short article about a craft related theme, and special discounts on my Etsy store for newsletter subscribers.

The Christian newsletter would be a short bible study linked to a scripture of the month, with a further reading section for you to study for yourself.

The newsletter will contain content that will not be available elsewhere.

If you could let me know I’d really appreciate your feedback. Either in the comments below, a direct message on social media, or contact me directly using the form on this site.

Your help would be greatly appreciated in helping me going forward.

Many thanks,

Sarah. 😊


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