Bag making series – part three: pockets

Bag making series – part three: pockets

Hi Peeps, I hope that you’re doing well.

Pockets are so great, versatile, and practical, and are relatively easy to make. You could hand sew them onto projects too, depending on the type of look you want to create. A touch of hand sewing, here and there, can make an ordinary item look more exciting and can draw the eye of those who notice it, particularly if it’s a unique stitch or a contrasting colour thread.

Pockets can go on the outside of the bag, on the side of the bag, or inside the bag.

There are a few variations for inside pockets, like mobile phone pockets which are a simple pocket but sometimes your phone may fall out of these. There are pocket sections that you can add to your bag, with or without a zip to add more space or to serve as a divider between sections of the bag. You can make sew in pockets, with or without a border. The choice of fabric is broad too, you can even use cork or some sexy vinyl fabric to add some variety to your bags.

A patch pocket, which is a pocket that looks like a patch can be fun. These can be made with or without a flap, depending on its intended use. You could add one to the outside or inside of your bag. I don’t think I’ve made one myself, but they are definitely on my list of things to make (which is an ever-growing list!).

Pockets with a zip are a popular choice as they not only look great, but they keep your items secure. They can be tricky to master but, as with everything, you get better with practice. I’m still practicing with using different types and styles of zips. I’m looking forward to making my first half-moon bag which will involve sewing a zip on a curve, so we’ll see how that turns out! 😊 Of course, you can add a zip to your bag just as a decorative feature.

To secure a pocket, you can add buttons, snap fasteners, zips, Velcro, whatever you choose.

As I’m writing this post, I realise that I haven’t made any pockets myself! Tut, tut, lol. I have made one on my denim bag but that doesn’t count because it doesn’t look pretty. So, I will be practicing making some pockets and adding them to my bags soon.

Experiment and have fun – that’s the main thing. 😊

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,



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