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  1. Hello fellow Goodreads Reader and Writer. I am new to Goodreads and saw your review of my book, Noonday Flower, revised edition. Thank you for taking time to read it and for your words of praise. I could tell you read the whole book. I first started writing Noonday in 1994 and published it 10 or so years later. In 2019 I republished it after rewriting parts hoping to “glue” it all together. I am 80 years old and my wish before I leave this world is to have this book and my other two Novels and all books that warrant attention get the attention they deserve. I am trying to contact the people who wrote reviews for Noonday to ask if they would put their review on Amazon. I would be happy to do the same for you and the others at Goodreads. Thanks for listening, Sarah Evans. Hope I can read your stories soon.
    God Bless,
    Carla C. Ohse

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