My recent projects (early 2020)

Hi peeps,

I hope that your all doing well.

I selected a few of my projects to blog about today the first item is a cable tidy. I’d seen a lot of these online and to be honest, I had never thought about them before, but they were a great idea! Sometime last year I decided to make a few of them because I had untidy cables everywhere, but I wasn’t sure how you made these things.

The ones I did were extremely unprofessional with exposed seams and very untidy stitches! I didn’t really care because I was just practicing making them and they were only for me.

Fast forward to late last year/early this year and I got the hang of making them. I decided to make a pair with a Winter feel, so I chose the snowman fabric because who doesn’t love cute snowmen? They turned out great. After which, I decided to make another pair using some celestial fabric but I wanted these to be slightly smaller so they could be used with smaller cables.

Another thing I had seen online were triangular pouches. They looked so cute and I fancied making one. The first one I tried didn’t quite work out because the pattern involved having exposed seams on the inside which I really dislike as having exposed seams on the inside of the finished item strikes me as unprofessional. If I can have no exposed seams or raw edges on the inside of a project, then I’m happy.

I know people are unlikely to see or even notice this, but I know it’s there. I will continue to look elsewhere to either find a different pattern or just make something up myself.

I like to know that projects are finished to a high quality because I’m not into making substandard items and I wouldn’t be happy about it. It’s fine if it’s just a practice run or it’s something for myself but not something for my shop or something I’m giving to a friend (unless they are happy to receive it).

The last thing I want to share are a couple of space themed zip pouches. Everybody (including me) loves this fabric! Whenever I made something using this fabric it sells. It’s such a nice fabric to work with, too. Unfortunately, I can’t remember where I bought it from.

These pouches were a pattern I found on You Tube, and while they look fine, I’m not happy with the inside because the pattern, though quick and easy, doesn’t conceal the raw edges. You use pinking shears to finish the raw edges off on the inside fabric, which is okay, but you know I like to conceal raw edges where possible.

They were fine to practice with, making a small pouch. I’m not that pleased with the pack of zips I bought because they are hit and miss whether they stick or not. I do not like zips that stick! If this is the case, I have to reduce their cost and I always state if they have a minor defect, so buyers know. I sometimes have this issue with snap fasteners too. It’s a bit irritating really when you buy things, but they are faulty.

That’s three projects I’ve made. There will be more of these posts so I can catch up with everything I have made, as three months is a long time in the crafting world.

I hope that you have enjoyed seeing my projects. If there’s a particular craft related topic you’d like me to cover, then do reach out and ask and I’ll see what I can do.

Thanks for reading, feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊

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