My new YouTube channel

Hi peeps, I hope that everyone is well.

I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a YouTube channel. I was thinking about it for a long time and because I’m not really comfortable in front of the camera I was hesitant to start one because I didn’t know what it would consist of.

I’ve seen other video’s where people do not feature themselves but their work/project only and it gave me the idea of using my pictures to create a video. This was surprising easy to do so below is my first ever video!

If you’d like to subscribe, then the link is there for you to do so.

I will be posting projects and may shoot some how-to videos. I’ll see how things go because I will need to invest in some equipment for that and if no one really watches then it won’t be worth the cost or the effort.
In the meantime, please enjoy my video! I’d appreciate a thumbs up. 😊
My YouTube channel

I really appreciate all those who support me online. Those who read and follow my blog here, and those who follow me elsewhere online. It really encourages me when people engage with what I’m doing, and it helps me to continue. Thank you!

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊

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