Beach themed projects

Hi peeps, I hope that you’re all doing well. I also hope that you had a nice Christmas and new year. 🙂

Continuing with the theme of sharing my projects. I’d like to share another drawstring bag project with you all using a summer theme. I decided to make a drawstring bag using beach themed fabric and I had two similar fabrics with beach huts on them, so I used these as the main fabric for my bag. I thought these fabrics worked so well together.

I sold this bag to a work colleague who loved it so much after seeing a picture of it. She ended up giving it away because when her daughter saw it, she wanted it! I ended up making her another one so made two sales from one.

Next, I bought some key fob holders because I wanted to try making my own. Next time I will just use a clasp of some kind because that will be easier to work with. I liked how the metal had an odd look to it, but I wasn’t that pleased with the quality of the metal or how it worked out. This is why reason why I like to make a test version of something that I’ve never made before because then I can make it work better when I’m making it for real.

When making things yourself it rarely goes smoothly or looks right when you first make something, so next time you learn from where you went wrong and hopefully do a better job the next time. That’s the plan anyway. Even if you’ve made something before it doesn’t mean it will turn out as you would like it to. This is just how crafting is.

Lastly, I made some more needle felted cases. I usually make these differently every time because I like to experiment to find new ways to make things. Some work better than others but unless you try then you’ll never know. I like these because they are fun to make and they are a quick project. I like things I can make in one sewing session, which is usually a Saturday afternoon, because I don’t have time in the week.

This may change when the clocks go forward again and it’s lighter in the evenings. I don’t like sewing in the dark because I like to see what I’m doing properly, and things do not look the same in unnatural light.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 😊

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