My Path to Publication – Sarah Evans

Here is my path to publication! Read how I self-published a book and a few things to consider if you want to publish your own.

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A warm welcome to Sarah Evans, my guest today. Sarah has decided to take the self-publishing route, and talks to us about her experience, sharing some of the things she has learnt along the way. Welcome, Sarah, can you tell us why you made the decision to self-publish?


I’ve been writing for a few years and I’ve always enjoyed the thought of being a self-published author. I liked the idea that you can earn more royalties, rather than most of them going to the publisher, and that I could create something of my own design. Plus, it would save me having any more rejections!

As well as writing Christian non-fiction I also write knitting patterns. I’ve been knitting since I was a child so this was a natural progression. I publish individual patterns on Ravelry ( ) but I always liked the idea of having a book published…

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How discouragement became a blessing!

  Hi everybody, As you may have noticed, I’ve had a brief blog break while I was working on other projects but now I’m back! Hopefully, I should be back to posting once a month again. I was a bit discouraged with the whole writing and submitting my work to editors/publishers only to be waiting …

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Holiday’s are wonderful for writers!

Hello peeps! 😊 I have just returned from a glorious holiday in Weymouth. I was basking in sunshine, eating wonderful fish and chips, and generally just enjoying myself. It’s nice to get away from the mundane of life every now and again, to refresh yourself, and give your body and mind a rest from the …

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