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Happy new year!

Hope that you all had a great Christmas and new year. Thank you for all for your support.

I’m hoping to write at least one blog post, in each category, every month. I’m also working on a couple of free E-Books, one about prayer and the other one will be a craft one. I’ll keep you updated about them and I will post them under the ‘my books,’ tab on this site.

A new beginning

A new year is always a great way to reinvent yourself as a writer/author. Companies do this by changing their packaging now and then, even though the contents are the same, they may have a different front cover, or change their slogan slightly. Sometimes they change the colour to a fraction lighter/darker, but essentially, it’s the same thing.

What we are talking about is a slight change to make it seem that we are different in some small way but essentially, we are the same. If you self-publish, then maybe it’s time for a change of front cover to your book? Maybe a change in your website? Change the banner picture to something else perhaps?

My website is always changing but that is mainly because I’m working out how to use it more effectively each time I update content on it. I’m learning as I go, whilst working full-time and living my life. I’m a WIP (work in progress). I’m sure that’s the same for most of us. It’s difficult trying to carve a career in writing while working full-time doing something else, but it can be done if you’re determined to make it happen.

I’m constantly branching out and trying something different, some things work, and others don’t, but I keep trying anyway as one day something will happen somewhere and then I’ll be off. In the meantime, I’m building my website and social media presence. Trying to get a following of regular people who follow my blog, so it doesn’t feel as though I’m talking to myself.

How about you? Are you branching out in different areas seeing what works best for you and what doesn’t? Whether you are a writer who gets regular commissions or whether you are just starting out, it makes no difference we all ought to be branching out now and then to push ourselves to trying something different. You may be surprised at what you will achieve.

I was convinced that I would be a novelist one day, and perhaps I may be, but I’m writing non-fiction – which I enjoy but if I hadn’t tried writing it, I would never have known that I’d enjoy it! So, when you are considering what writing goals to set yourself for this year, think about a couple of different types of writing you could try then see where it takes you to.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to share,

Sarah. 🙂